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Dry for Flower and/or Extraction Icon

Dry for Flower and/or Extraction

Our Cannabis Drying Systems are engineered to be able to dry for flower and/or extraction

Consistent Results Icon

Consistent Results

Fine tuning of temperature, relative humidity, and air-flow for the prefect consistent dry every time

Precise Control Icon

Precise Control

Can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone to dial in dry or curing perfection

Safe and Secure Icon

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure chamber fights mold, bacteria and insects and can be used for long term storage

Faster Drying Icon

Faster Drying

Our process allows the drying and curing process to be 40%-50% faster

Energy Efficient Icon

Energy Efficient

Highly energy efficient dehumidification systems

How It Works

How It Works Illustration

Our Dryers use a fully enclosed chamber and energy efficient Heat Pump Dehumidification system to precisely control the process resulting in consistent product quality. This is how it works:

Air is set to the desired drying temperature, between 60F and 120F depending on whether you're drying for flower or for extraction. The air is then circulated over the product to absorb moisture. However, instead of exhausting this moist air as typical drying systems do, our system instead draws the air over a cold coil of a refrigeration system (see #1). This cools the air down, condensing the moisture from the air and draining it away.

Next, this cold dry air is drawn over a “hot” coil (see #2) to reheat it to temperature. Once this air reaches the desired drying temp, it is sent back over the wet product once again (see #3). This cycle will continue to repeat until the product reaches the preferred moisture content.

When drying for extraction, the unit will shut down once the product reaches the preferred moisture content. However, in the case of drying for flower, this is when the curing cycle starts. This cycle is programmable to the temperature, moisture level, and time frame of your choosing.

Throughout the drying process, the energy and air used to dry the product are all recycled within the closed chamber. This results in better control of the process and significantly less energy used than conventional drying equipment. All manufactured here in the USA!

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