First of Its Kind Cannabis or Hemp Drying and Curing Solution

When quality & efficiency matter.

Features for Small and Large Grows

Consistent Results Icon

Consistent Results

Fine tuning of moisture content, relative humidity and temperature for the perfect consistent cure every time.

Made in the U.S.A Icon

Made in the U.S.A

Cann Systems cannabis dryers are proudly made in the USA

Precise Control Icon

Precise Control

Can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone to dial in dry or curing perfection

Safe and Secure Icon

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure chamber fights mold, bacteria and insects and can be used for long term storage

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Faster Drying

Our process allows the drying and curing process to be 40%-50% faster

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Energy Efficient

Highly energy efficient dehumidification system reduces energy costs up to 60%

How It Works

How It Works Illustration

Air is set to the desired drying temperature, then circulated over the product to absorb moisture. However instead of exhausting this hot, moist air- a dehumidification dryer draws the air over the cold coil of a refrigeration system. This allows us to set temperature settings as low as 65 degrees. Perfect for cannabis drying temperatures. (1) Moisture is condensed from the air and drained away. (2) Air is drawn over the hot coil of the system to reheat to warmer temperatures if necessary. (3) It is then sent back over the wet product. This cycle repeats until the product has reached the desired moisture content. Next, just dial in the temperature and moisture level to your desire and perfect cure begins. The energy used is only what is necessary to operate the refrigeration compressor, blower, and circulating fans. Up to 60% less energy than conventional cannabis drying equipment due to this efficient heat pump technology. All manufactured here in the USA!