Cann Systems is a company specifically founded to develop products and equipment for the legal Cannabis industry. Our initial focus is on commercial size drying and curing equipment.

We are an offshoot of Nyle Systems, a US based manufacturing company based in Brewer, Maine. Nyle has a 40-year track record of building drying equipment and is focused on three core markets: Lumber Drying; Food Drying and Heat Pump Water Heating. At Nyle’s core is a deep understanding of Heat Pumps and Dehumidifiers and this has been translated into a distinctive leadership position in each of these markets.

Cann Systems has its sales, marketing, manufacturing and design facility in Brewer, Maine.

Cann Systems stands for:

Cann Systems has a culture that blends local traditional values such as commitment to quality, value and long term customer relations, with forward looking values such as innovation and sustainability. We stand for:

  • Quality and Value
  • Innovation
  • Customer Support
  • Made in USA
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Term Customer Relations

Quality and Value

While Cann Systems is a relatively new operation, we bring years of knowledge and experience in dehumidification drying equipment. We continuously look for ways to make our products as reliable and long lasting as possible. At the same time, we have used wireless technology combined with tablet computers to develop the latest in control systems, allowing production to be monitored, controlled and recorded from any place that has secure access to the internet. We will continue to push the boundaries of heat pump applications and information technology with a focus on developing innovative, quality products.

In every product we build we strive for the lowest cost of ownership for our customers over the entire product life cycle. This means we reduce complexity where possible and use quality components. This reduces upfront cost, maintenance & service costs and means a long product life. We look for solutions that offer energy efficiency, meaning low cost to operate. And we commit to value pricing, again looking for the long-term relationship instead of the one-time upside. All this means our products combine value to buy with low cost to operate!


We’ve used innovative solutions to allow our dehumidification systems to operate at lower temps, making them ideal for drying and curing Cannabis.

While such breakthroughs happen only once in a while, more incremental innovation takes place all the time. Improvements are not only related to products but also to processes or applications. We use innovation of all kinds to stay at the forefront in its business and ultimately maintain a leading-edge value proposition to its customers.

Customer support

When you buy a Cann Systems product, you are not only buying the equipment, but you are also buying the support. We define support as not just how the equipment works but also how to best use it for your application. Call us! We are looking forward to discussing your questions or suggestions.

Made in USA

Cann Systems’ products are made and supported right here in the USA. Manufacturing in the USA is not always easy, and we face competition in all of our markets. We don’t shy away or look for cover against this competition. Instead we use it to stay sharp and improve our value proposition all the time. As a result, we not only hold our ground but are growing rapidly. We are living proof that America ingenuity can thrive in today’s global markets.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency and sustainability have become very fashionable terms in recent years. The truth is, Cann Systems’ dehumidification drying systems reduces energy costs for drying by a whopping 40% – 60% over conventional technologies. Leveraging energy efficiency as a means to reduce our customers’ operating costs and help them become more competitive is part of our culture!

Long Term Customer Relations

At Cann Systems we are looking to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Long term relationships allow us to better understand our customers’ needs and that allows us to direct our innovative spirits at solving our customers’ problems. In practice it also means that we often work together with our customers to plan their long-term expansion. Of course, our high percentage of repeat customers helps to convince us every day that this is this the right way to go!

In short: We at Cann Systems commit ourselves to providing top quality products, attentive customer service, fair pricing, hard work, and a depth of expertise unmatched in the industry. Our products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and they are easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain and best of all: affordable. We’re dedicated to giving you the products and service you need—whether it’s your first call, or you’ve owned a system for years.