Another Large Cann Drying System Being Installed in Canada

Over the past month, our shipping team has been busy loading tractor-trailers with five CDS 225 drying systems at our factory in Brewer, Maine. The high-tech equipment is being sent to a customer in Ontario that is installing the machines at 2 locations. The CDS 225 is our largest system, which can dry as much as 8,800 wet pounds of cannabis flower per cycle. The system is engineered to dry at temperatures as low as 60 degrees F in order to preserve terpenes, cannabinoids, and the experiential quality of the flower.

The length of the drying cycle is determined by the customers’ needs and is managed by adjusting the relative humidity, fan speed, and temperature on the touch screen controls. Each system can also be operated remotely with a tablet, phone, or laptop. Cultivators are catching on that there’s a more efficient way to dry cannabis that still honors the craft-growing passion for achieving the ultimate flavor, aroma, and potency of cannabis. Cann Systems is the logical evolution of cannabis drying.