Power Vent

CANN Systems’ drying and curing solutions now offer an optional feature curing kit that will allow the user to cure cannabis after the drying process has been completed. The DH system is designed to stay off during the cure cycle unless the temperature or relative humidity within the chamber falls outside of the designated acceptable range. At which point the system will kick back on and self-regulate to the predesignated setpoint range.

The curing cycle allows the user to fully customize the curing period to a determined number of hours/days. During this period an intake and exhaust damper will open and trigger an exhaust fan to exchange the volume of air from within the chamber, therefore mimicking the classic “burping” cure method that most growers are accustomed to. The air drawn into the chamber is filtered through a HEPA filter to prevent unwanted contaminants from entering the chamber. Conversely, the exhaust air is filtered through a carbon filter to remove odor.


  • Auto-regulating DH system in curing cycle to ensure the perfect cure every time
  • Auto “burping” feature that periodically exhausts/exchanges the air in the chamber, mimicking classic curing technique
  • Intake air is HEPA filtered to prevent unwanted contaminants from the chamber
  • Exhaust air is charcoal filtered to remove unwanted odors
  • Ability to set & forget the curing process