Cann Systems CDS Units – Now Dry & Cure as Low as 60°F!

Cann Systems announces COOLER TEMPS!


Cann Systems Units CDS 10, CDS 24, and CDS 60 drying & curing units are now rated to dry and cure cannabis at temperatures as low as 60°F!


As many cannabis growers have their own strategies in drying and curing cannabis, there is a few things for certain. Everyone must dry and cure. Drying and curing is an extremely important step. The process seems simple yet it’s truly a very complex technique.  The obstacle is to preserve cannabinoid and terpene profiles to assure quality in the flavor, taste, smell and overall potency. This is primarily done by drying “low and slow”.

Cann Systems is proud to announce our CDS units (CDS 10, CDS 24 and CDS 60) with lower temperatures down to 60°F. The ability to dry and cure cannabis at lower temperatures provides the best results! For more information on drying and curing cannabis with our CDS units please visit our drying & curing web page.