Cann Systems Completes Another Large Scale Cannabis Drying Installation

New Contracts Demonstrate The Technology Is Ideal For Large Operations

Brewer, Maine (May 19, 2020) – Now that cannabis has been legalized in several countries and in more than 30 states, the industry is experiencing rapid growth – and that means more business for suppliers of equipment. Global sales of medical and recreational marijuana grew 48% in 2019 to $15 Billion. In 2018, global sales of hemp – a cannabis relative of marijuana that is the source of CBD – reached $3.74 billion in sales. As the cannabis category grows, so does the size and scale of cultivation projects around the world. 

Cann Systems began making low-temperature cannabis drying equipment in 2017. The Maine-based company benefits from the many decades of experience from the company in which they offshoot from, Nyle Systems, which has been a leading manufacturer of lumber and food dryers since 1977. Their goal was to use proven technology for drying food and lumber to create energy-efficient cannabis systems that maximize batch consistency, safety, and quality.

The New CDS 225 Can Dry Up to 8,800 Pounds (4,000 kg) Per Cycle 

Now, after three years of building a solid cannabis drying reputation, the company is announcing new systems that scale up to meet the needs of very large industrial operations. In particular, the company is seeing strong international demand for its CDS 225, which can dry more up to 8,800 pounds (4,000 kg.) of cannabis per cycle. A big international customer recently installed two CDS 225 units in Europe and has now ordered five more for their operations in North America.  

A few years ago, Cann Systems built efficient systems to meet the needs of smaller hemp and marijuana growers, and the heat pump-based systems proved to be a perfect technology to dry high-quality cannabis. Cann has now scaled up the technology and design of those small units to greatly expand drying capacity without losing focus on consistency and quality. 

Despite the dynamic growth of the category, it is surprising that many commercial cannabis growers still use the old-school method of hanging freshly harvested plants upside down for weeks to gain their desired dryness and cure. Cann Systems is taking the drying stage of cannabis production to the next level with its new line of large systems that feature consistent, energy-efficient heat pump dehumidification technology.

The benefits of Cann Systems include enhanced product quality and consistency, faster drying times, smaller facility footprint, and contamination prevention.  Each closed-loop system is made in the USA and uses cutting edge technology to control humidity, temperature, airflow, and dwell time in order to maximize the medicinal potency, color, flavor, and texture of medical marijuana and CBD-rich hemp. 

Growers are concerned about exposing their plants to excessive heat, which can compromise the CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that provide potent medicinal benefits.  Engineers at Cann have designed the systems to provide a careful dry by focusing on optimal airflow and delicate temperatures as low as 60 F degrees.

Cann Systems offers several sizes for a wide range of growing scenarios, from the small CDS 2.5 to the CDS 225. The closed-loop sealed systems give the grower more ability to prevent mold and other contamination that can be common in slow drying, DIY-style grow room environments. Each system features in-line filtration components and hygienic surfaces such as pharma-grade stainless steel. 

The dryers use rolling bakery racks with trays that are designed to allow consistent airflow. The grower spreads fresh cannabis on each tray, places the trays in the rack system, rolls them into the dryer chamber, and enters the drying details into the touch screen controls. Depending on grower preferences, the dried cannabis will be ready to be rolled out of the unit in as little as 24 to 72 hours. There is also a rehydration feature that prevents over-drying and allows the user to maintain optimal residual water content. 

Cann Systems takes the guesswork out of drying and prevents crop loss due to mold and human error. The intuitive touch-screen controls allow the grower to precisely set the preferred drying curve and repeat it time after time to ensure the highest quality product and yield. The system controls may also be managed remotely via a smartphone or tablet app. 

Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Cann drying systems feature heat pump technology, which is energy efficient and can save energy costs compared to other conventional drying systems. Unlike fossil fuel-powered dryers, Cann Systems dryers do not create emissions, and only require electric power to operate.

About Cann Systems

Cann Systems is a company specifically founded to manufacture commercial-size drying and curing equipment for the legal cannabis industry. We are an offshoot of Nyle Systems, a US-based manufacturing company based in Brewer, Maine. Nyle has more than 40 years of experience building drying equipment for the lumber and food industries. Each system includes the heat pump dehumidification unit, air handling components, an insulated drying chamber, and PLC-based electrical controls with operator screen.