Cann Systems says “Thanks” to All Who Attended the CannaGrow Expo

Cann Systems, a leading cannabis/hemp drying/curing company wants to says “thanks” to all who came out in support this past weekend at the Cannagrow trade show.  We had a fantastic turnout on Saturday, Oct. 28th and the interest and feedback was phenomenal.  We are now working on deals throughout the US, Canada, Israel and many other countries. As the cannabis and hemp sectors are growing exponentially there is a need for consistency and standards in the drying and curing space. Cann Systems is here to provide these intangibles.

Through it’s parent company, Cann Systems has almost 40 years of experience in the drying and curing of lumber and food, yet is a new company in early 2017 in the cannabis/hemp space. We feel, with our vast knowledge of drying technology, it’s easy to transition over to cannabis/hemp and we plan to provide the standard for proper drying/curing and activation of cannabis/hemp products.
There is a great deal of emphasis in many areas of cannabis/hemp cultivation such as lightning, nutrients, hvac etc… but an area of neglect is the last step of drying/curing.-which could be the most important. There is a great deal of diverse techniques in this space. Yet, with testing and as competitive as the market has become, this is an area where one can separate the best from the rest.
Cann Systems is here to provide the ideal equipment for perfection every time. Eliminating the need for questioning your drying and curing techniques. No grow is to small or large with our complete line of equipment. Covering small grows with our portable equipment, larger grows with our fabricated chambers or for larger customized builds our drying chamber design and engineering services. We provide a service as well which includes a flow simulator software program for the perfect air flow result every time. Also, at the show we released to the public for the first time our activation chamber for decarboxylation/activation of cannabis/hemp.  This saves a great deal of time and generally eliminates a whole step in the process. Not to mention there is no other company which offers such a large chamber for this process. We are the leaders in this space! A one stop shop for your drying/curing and activation needs.
Cann Systems again wants to reach out and thank all supporters of our equipment line. It was a pleasure to hear all the feedback and excitement over the products. What an experience to meet many of you and welcome our clients to the Cann Systems family. We look forward to the innovation of additional equipment in the near future as the market demands. Check back frequently as our 2018 event schedule is rapidly growing.