The Cann Systems Drying and Curing Systems (CDS) are energy efficient heat pump based dehydration systems.

  • Commercial size dryings systems come with our chamber or retrofitted in your existing chamber
  • Programmable control system to precisely set your preferred drying curve
  • Repeat schedule time after time for a high quality and consistent end-product.
  • Drying systems use our highly energy efficient dehumidification system which results in up to 60% reduction in energy costs versus conventional drying
  • Fights mold, bacteria, and insects
  • Sizes range from 780 sqft to 4,615 sqft of drying space.

Our cannabis drying systems are perfect for warehouse grows, greenhouses and outdoors.

Why Customers Value Our Products

  • Closed drying system means less contamination issues and as a result our drying systems fight mold, bacteria and bugs.
  • Control systems allowing the user to set temperature and moisture controls for the perfect dry and cure every time. Consistency at it’s finest!
  • Easily controlled via remote access thru smartphone, tablet or computer consequently making it convenient to monitor and adjust for the most reliable performing part of your grow.
  • Our CDS commercial cannabis drying systems dry and cure 70 lbs to 1,400 lbs of cannabis at a time.
  • Technical support is just a phone call away. The same staff who builds your equipment can walk you thru any questions you may have.
  • Made in the USA

Our units are perfect for businesses that require the ability to monitor and care for each and every harvest of their product. Most of all Cann Systems units feature energy efficiency, excellent craftsmanship, and outstanding control. allowing even the busiest operations to keep up production without sacrificing quality. In conclusion, from indoors to outdoors a Cann Systems cannabis drying and curing system can handle your product.

Depending upon how much cannabis product, the amount of moisture that needs to be removed, and the desired drying/curing time, we will work with you to select an appropriately sized cannabis drying/curing system for your specific application.

Product Models


  • Dimensions 116" L x 174" W x 110" H
  • Drying Space 780 Sq. Ft.
  • Drying Temperatures 60-120° F
  • Drying Capacity (dried product) 240 lbs
  • Water Removal Rate 10lbs / hour


  • Dimensions 208"’ L x 197" W x 110" H
  • Drying Space 1885 Sq. Ft.
  • Drying Temperatures 60-120° F
  • Drying Capacity (dried product) 520 - 560lbs
  • Water Removal Rate 24lbs / hour


  • Dimensions 450" L x 197" W x 110" H
  • Drying Space 4615 Sq. Ft.
  • Drying Temperatures 60-120° F
  • Drying Capacity (dried product) 1,300 - 1,400lbs
  • Water Removal Rate 60lbs / hour

Product Comparison

Model Dimensions Drying Space Drying Temperatures Drying Capacity (dried product) Water Removal Rate
CDS10 116" L x 174" W x 110" H 780 Sq. Ft. 60-120° F 240lbs 10lbs / hour
CDS24 208" L x 197" W x 110" H 1885 Sq. Ft. 60-120° F 520-560lbs 24lbs / hour
CDS60 450" L x 197" W x 110" H 4,615 Sq. Ft. 60-120° F 1,300-1,400lbs 60lbs / hour