Drying Flower versus Drying for Extraction

Drying for premium flower versus drying for extraction are very different processes due to differences in space requirement, handling, and operating conditions.

Chamber Capacity: Cultivators who dry top-shelf flower are careful when placing the flower on trays to keep them separated.  Conversely, processors who dry for extraction will often load trays to capacity.  This difference in loading technique, plus the fact that drying for extraction takes less time, means that the size of the drying chamber will be different when drying the same amount of product for flower and extraction.

Handling and Trimming: Drying for extraction does not usually require significant trimming due to the reduced focus on the shape, color, and aroma of the flower.  On the other hand, cultivators will carefully trim and handle the product prior to (and after) drying flower.


Operating Conditions:  When drying flower, the temperature range is 60 to 65 F with moderate relative humidity level and low airspeed, resulting in dwell times of at least 3 days.  Drying conditions for extraction include higher temperatures which means that drying time is greatly reduced to 24 hours or less.



Just like each strain, every drying scenario is unique. Contact Cann Systems for a free consultation on how our drying equipment can maximize your flower and/or extraction drying needs.