Drying is a Breeze with the Intuitive Controls

Part 1: Easy to Use Touch Screen and Remote Control

Monitoring and adjusting your drying system from just about anywhere can improve productivity and give you peace of mind while away from the unit. You can control all the settings on a Cann Drying System via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as with the Graphical User Interface on the machine itself. This step-by-step article demonstrates how easy it is to use Cann Drying System controls.

Start Up & Settings

It all starts with the home screen of the HMI. When the unit is energized, the touch screen undergoes a boot process until the home screen is displayed.

Chamber temperature (Temp) and relative humidity (RH) will be displayed, along with current user set points for desired Temp and RH. To change the setpoints, touch the box representing the parameter you desire to change. A number pad will appear. 

Enter the desired set point and press the return button. The value entered should now be displayed in the appropriate setpoint box. With your Temp and RH set points entered, you can start the unit by pressing “Start” on the left side of the screen. Now, you are drying! During a drying cycle, the unit will run until the RH set point is reached. At this time, the unit will enter a cool-down mode before shutting down at room temp. To stop a cycle, press the “Stop” button on the left side.

Data Logging 

As long as an SD card is inserted into the appropriate slot in the back of the control screen (accessed by opening the control panel door), the control may log operational data. Data logging functionality is active when: an SD card is present and a cycle is active. Data is logged at a frequency of 1 measurement per minute and stored in a folder named “CannDataLogs” on the inserted SD card. The software will automatically create the folder each time you insert a new SD card. 

Remote Access is Easy

You can remote access your control from a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer web browser using the following steps. Enter the IP address of your dryer’s PLC into the web browser address bar. Click on the “ENTER” button at the top left of the page. Sign in with the user and password info provided by Cann Systems and press Enter on your keyboard or click on the “Log in” button at the bottom right of the login context box to access the PLC management screen. On the left side of the page, select: File Browser>SD Card>Cann Data Logs. You should see data logs collected and named during previous cycles. Use the file operations to the right of the file name to download, download and clear, or delete data logs from the SD card. To access the unit’s screen directly, you will need to install VNCViewer; this software is available for free online.

Save Drying Recipes and Reuse Them 

It’s super easy to save a drying recipe and reuse it to maintain precise product consistency every time. To load or save a schedule, conduct the following steps. From the schedule screen, tap the load/save button to enter the load/save dialog. If a saved schedule is loaded, the “Current Schedule” window will display the name of a previously saved schedule. Otherwise, the “Current Schedule” window will be empty. Next, tap the load/save value entry window, and enter a name in the value entry screen, and hit the enter button. Tap the load or save buttons to either load the entered schedule or save the entered schedule. Then just tap the “Return” button to return to the schedule screen.

Precision cannabis drying has never been easier! Contact a Cann Systems representative to schedule a free consultation to learn how our controls can help your business succeed.