Efficient Drying for Extraction

Medical-use and adult-use products made from cannabis concentrates are convenient, and the popularity of the edibles, tinctures and vape cartridges made from concentrates is growing fast. In 2022, retail sales of concentrates are expected to surpass traditional flower sales for the first time, according to a report by Arcview Market Research. Factors driving demand include the ability for exact dosing, the novelty of new products, and the ease and discrete method of consumption. 

Many of the cultivators we sell our systems to are using them to dry cannabis for extraction. A common theme is the need to increase production capacity by shortening the drying cycles. Some customers install Cann Drying Systems because they have a small footprint and can save floor-space compared to traditional hang-drying rooms. Our energy-efficient systems feature heat pump technology, so they may help cultivators save money and qualify for one of the state energy efficiency incentive programs popping up around the country.

Since cannabis characteristics such as bud shape, aroma and terpene preservation may be a lower priority for material destined for the chemical-altering extraction processing step, our faster systems are a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t compromise the all-important cannabinoids. Customers like how they can create and store exact drying recipes for each cultivar so they can get consistent results over and over again. 

Drying for extraction is different than for flower. One reason is because the operator wants a really low final moisture of 4% to 8% so there’ll be less excess water that needs to be removed during the extraction process.

Many of our customers use our machines for drying top quality smokable flower, at low temperatures such as 60 degree F and a non-aggressive relative humidity setting for cycles that last up to a week. They then use a pre-programmed, faster cycle with a higher temperature and lower relative humidity setting for batches of material for extraction. The trim from the smokable flower preparation is usually added to the drying trays for the extraction drying cycle.

Our touch screen and remote access controls provide real-time data, and you can store the data and play around with it later. Concentrates are the future of cannabis, and so are advanced environmental controls for drying.