Upgrade your Existing Dry rooms to Improve Results and Consistency  

Cann Drying Systems strives to provide the best drying and curing solutions for everyone and every scenario. That’s why we offer system components that can significantly improve existing cannabis operations. We sell our heat pump dehumidification units, air handling components, touch screen controls, and racks and trays as individual products for customers to retrofit and upgrade their existing dry rooms. Our team of experts can help you choose the correct drying equipment to match your process, products, and scale.

Dehumidification Units

  • Energy-efficient heat pump technology
  • Rated for small to very large chambers (10 – 225 pounds of water removed per hour)
  • Modular to fit into existing grow rooms
  • Multiple units as needed to meet capacity requirements

Air Handling

  • Designed specifically for your grow room
  • Airflow equalization components, including perforated baffles
  • Circulation fans with energy-efficient motors
  • Reversing airflow capability


  • PLC with operator touchscreen
  • Controls temperature, humidity, and airflow
  • May be integrated with existing controls
  • Remote access capability


  • Rehydration components
  • Racks and trays
  • Hanging accessories
  • Instrumentation such as temperature/RH sensors and water activity meters


  • Freight logistics
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning and training
  • Remote support for immediate on-site assistance
  • Long term maintenance options (preventative and corrective)