Expand Your Grow Space Without Expanding Your Footprint

Space-saving drying systems from Cann can shrink drying footprint needs and free up space to grow more plants. Inefficient dry rooms can be a space hog, especially those hanging whole plants. Two easy ways to gain space at a cultivation facility are to (1) use a system with precise controls like Cann that are more efficient and need less space, to begin with; and (2) to convert from hanging plants to a rack and tray system. 

CDS-60 36 Rack ChamberCann Systems started from the desire to create high-quality, energy-efficient drying equipment for the cannabis market. Our touch screen with remote access provides real-time control over the room’s temperature, relative humidity, and airspeed. Determining and tightly controlling the correct air volume for the amount of material to be dried is crucial for drying performance and space efficiency. Precision control over a chamber, specifically one engineered by the drying experts at Cann, ensures no wasted space. The controls also allow customers to create and store their exact drying recipes for each strain allowing for repeatable results each drying cycle.

Simply put, a rack and tray system is designed to be compact and efficient. We typically recommend a standard bakery rack that holds twenty 18” x 26” perforated trays. Our research has observed that in most scenarios placing the product on trays yields a max capacity of approximately 66% more product vs. hanging the plant. Of course, this depends on the space efficiency of the hanging system and the operator’s quality targets. We offer several different rack/tray options for our systems, including trays designed to reduce the flattening of the flower.

With a rack and tray system, the flower is “de-boned” from the stalks and stems and placed on perforated trays allowing for the most efficient use of tray space. With the flower being spread evenly throughout the tray’s surface, it maximizes every centimeter of space. It’s essential to create a monolayer and not pile the flower on the trays to maintain good airflow. 

A change from hanging plants to a rack and tray system will require alterations to the overall post-harvest workflow, but it is worth the effort, especially if space savings is a priority. The most significant difference is that the labor for bucking off the stem is now on the front end of the post-harvest workflow, before drying instead of later when the dry hanging plants would come down before curing.

Companies designing a facility from scratch are always looking to gain square footage. With their small footprint, our systems allow the customer to regain some crucial floor space compared to traditional hang-drying rooms. Contact a Cann Systems representative today for a free consultation and learn how Cann Systems can help you save valuable production space at your facility.