How does the unit work?

The unit uses energy efficient technology based on a heat pump, closed chamber, and a programmable computer control allowing you to precisely set your preferred drying curve and repeat it time after time for a high quality and consistent end-product.

Can I really control it via remote access?

Yes, you can control all the settings via your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as with the Graphical User Interface on the machine itself.

Can I dry and cure faster than traditional methods?

You can program the drying and curing schedule to your preference. Having said that, combining a closed chamber and precise temperature and humidity controls, it is possible to dry and cure up to 65% faster than traditional methods.

Will Cann Systems method be more efficient?

By using a heat pump to control the temp and humidity we are recycling the energy needed to dry. This low use of energy, precise controls and potential for fast drying times, makes the drying and curing process very energy efficient.

Can our equipment improve the dry and cure of my product?

You can dry and cure according to the schedule that you like best, and repeat it time and time again. Furthermore with a precise control of the process you can fine-tune your schedule and create the perfect environmental conditions for drying and curing cannabis. The right conditions can enhance taste, terpenes (smell), thc, cannabinoids levels and overall presentation.

Does your equipment eliminate the possibility of mildew, mold and bugs?

Our system uses a closed chamber where the air is circulated, rather than vented out and new air brought in. This greatly reduces the introduction of outside contaminants during the drying and curing process. Furthermore, improved control over temperature and moisture levels will allow you to reduce the possibility of mildew or mold.

How does drying and curing effect the quality and potency of cannabis?

Thc, cannabinoids and terpenes are very fragile. Therefore too much heat or handling the product can destroy cannabis. Our tray system minimizes handling and our airflow system with temperature and moisture controls allows you to improve quality and potency every time.

What are the ordering, payment and shipping details?

It’s recommended to place orders in advance. 40% down and 60% prior to shipping FOB factory. Lead times may apply for all equipment. Manufactured in the USA.

Is there a warranty on the units?

One year warranty. Contact Cann systems for a full copy of our warranty.