Cann Drying Systems – In The Field


By Mic Lebel, Marketing Manager

Every day I learn something new about the cannabis industry. It is like getting a degree in cannabis studies. This summer, we’ve been conducting a bunch of research on our dryers at indoor medical marijuana growers.  While that is all good, every year I look forward to being outside for the hemp harvest. 

My favorite part of the job is to go on field trips where I get a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective from growers and entrepreneurs that are the beating heart of the industry. This week, I had the honor of visiting one of our farm research partners in Downeast Maine. Schoppee Farm is a scenic 90 miles drive from our dryer manufacturing facility in Brewer. The day started out perfect as the weather was classic Downeast melancholy, fog and some brief drizzle which is a coastal combo that provides amazing views during harvest season.

It was a special day because Schoppee Farm was harvesting a CBG strain, which is gaining credit as a sought-after cannabinoid. Farm owner Ben Edwards was surprised how early the flower finished when compared to the farm’s other CBD strains. We’re excited because it allowed us to get an early jump on this season’s hemp drying research. The fresh trimmed CBG flower has a bright green hue, diesel nose and a distinctive airy structure compared to CBD varieties I’ve worked with over the years.

Ben and his wife Allie were generous in time and transparency, showing me around the vast growing and processing operation. It’s a beautiful old farm that has been in his family for many generations. It’s well organized and clearly well-loved by the team. 

We’ll be drying a variety of Schoppee Farm’s flower at different temperatures and relative humidity settings to establish a drying curve. We’re also sending dry samples to a third-party lab to assess terpenes and cannabinoid levels as compared to a drying room at his farm.