Cann’s Drying Systems use energy-efficient heat pump-based technology, a closed insulated chamber, laminar airflow distribution, and programmable remote controls that – when combined – allow you to precisely control the drying environment and create consistent, safe, high-quality cannabis.

Cann’s line of CDS chamber systems offers a more sophisticated twist on the traditional drying methods used by the cannabis industry for decades. We refined the traditional method by incorporating techniques and protocols developed from our parent company’s 40+ years of industrial drying experience operating in highly regulated, cGMP-compliant facilities.

Cann has taken the classic method used by growers for decades and refined that into an easy-to-use, turnkey system that any sized operation can seamlessly incorporate into their process.

While it is difficult to gauge the exact amount of power used by different growers with different drying setpoint preferences, we can tell you what the maximum KWH usage of our machines would be if they were to be running 24/7. Typically, our systems will turn on and off once the setpoint temperature and relative humidity are achieved and typically held in place via the insulated chamber. This means that actual KWH energy usage is much less than the stated maximum draw.

Our smallest CDS-10 unit (capable of drying up to 440 lbs of wet flower) can pull up to 11 KWH, while the mid-range CDS-60 (capable of drying up to 1,980 lbs of wet flower) can pull up to 60-70 KWH. Our largest CDS-225 system (capable of drying up to 7600 lbs of wet flower) can pull up to 196-203 KWH on average.

All our systems utilize heat pumps for climate control – which are the most efficient method of regulating temperature and humidity. Today’s heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating/cooling by approximately 50% compared to other methods for climate control. Our high-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling capacity.”

To learn more about the advantages of heat pumps, read our blog.

The ROI on this turnkey solution is incredible! There are multiple innovations that pay for themselves within a few short dry cycles. Whether your ultimate goal is shortening your seed to sale cycle or collecting large quantities of previously lost terpenes from the enclosed chamber – Cann’s technology limits the need for unnecessary human interaction & labor expense and minimizes the risk of microbial contamination and environmental fluctuations.”

  • Time Savings: Cann’s systems use higher performance components to deliver a more efficient solution utilizing traditional methods – at up to a 50%-time reduction from the standard method – without sacrificing quality.
  • Personnel & Process Efficiency Savings: Cann’s automated turnkey drying chamber eliminates the need for personnel to constantly monitor the dry room and rotate plants to achieve consistent final moisture content – therefore streamlining post-harvest processes.
  • Energy Efficiency: Cann’s complete chamber setups and existing-room modular installations utilize heat pump dehumidification systems which deliver (up to) 50% energy usage savings compared to other climate control systems and automated drying solutions.
  • New Value-Add Revenue Streams: Our heat-pump dehumidification systems’ ability to recapture the standard terpene-rich moisture loss from the standard dry cycle creates a new high-value revenue stream of high-quality terpenes for use in popular consumer products such as HTFSE vape cartridges, diamonds/sauce extracts, etc.
  • Reducing Risk of Crop Loss: Dead pockets of moisture, fluctuations in environmental conditions (temperature & humidity), and cross contamination are all contributing factors to failed microbial testing and crop loss. On average – 5%-10% of harvest batches fail state testing and are either destroyed or remediated – translating to thousands of dollars in losses. Operating in a sealed chamber environment allows for more precise control of these contributing factors and overall mitigation of crop loss risks.

Great question! Our systems eliminate dead pockets of moisture by utilizing laminar airflow components to evenly distribute airflow. Dead pockets of moisture are what cause elongated drying times in industry-standard dry room setups – which require a great deal of manual attention to ensure that all products are dried to a consistent end-moisture content. By drying in a closed-loop chamber – the uniformity and velocity of the air are tightly controlled, allowing for much more efficient and even circulation. The air passes over the cannabis in the chamber in straight parallel layers without intersecting, as compared to the turbulent airflow that traditional oscillating fan environments create in standard dry rooms. Cann’s sealed chamber environment helps create the precise environmental conditions to maximize on-plant terpene and cannabinoid contents.

Cann’s drying chambers have drying chambers with individual capacities ranging from 200 wet lbs to 7600 wet lbs. Our recommendation – and in turn, pricing – is largely determined by your standard harvesting procedures and post-harvest workflow (i.e. your average harvest size, harvest frequency, preferred trimming method, whether the cannabis is intended for high-quality or extraction, etc). We also have optional features, including hanging carts, tray racking carts, Auto-Cure kits, UV-C microbial sanitation systems, and various chamber and dehumidification unit sizes.

We collaborate with you to identify the appropriate system recommendation to fit your unique operational needs.

To get a custom-tailored quotation for your operation – contact us!

Cann Drying Systems does not directly offer financing or leasing options. However, we are partnered with a number of equipment financing companies that are friendly to the cannabis industry. Should you be in need of financing to purchase our equipment we will make an introduction to one of our equipment financing partners and allow you to work through the underwriting process directly with them.

Cann can provide an installation supervisor to oversee a small (customer-supplied) team of laborers as well as a licensed electrician and refrigeration technician in your state or country. The cost of this supervisor is billed separately and can be included in your quotation upon request. An installation supervisor will also train a designated site expert on how to install and maintain the drying system as well as how to operate the equipment and controls.

Yes. We stand by our products and offer a 1-year warranty on all of our equipment.

The CDS systems’ terpene collection ability is an added bonus for our customers focused on high-quality flower production. Consistency of environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, and even distribution of airflow) is the main concern of cultivators who are trying to achieve consistent end-product quality.

Other cannabis operators who are focused on process efficiency and producing high-quality extract products are able to confidently dry at higher temperatures and lower RH levels knowing that they can collect large amounts of high quality full-spectrum terpenes through the DH system.

One customer featured in a recent case study was able to dry 5000kg of wet cannabis flower (at higher than typical temperatures) in 24-48 hours and collect 1.5 liters of strain-specific full spectrum terpenes from the condensate in the DH unit. They then utilized these terpenes directly into distillate vape pen production and other extract products (i.e. skin care products, edibles, and HTFSE products).

Cann Drying Systems has refined the traditional processes that are currently utilized on a large scale in commercial cannabis cultivation dry rooms. Our sealed chamber heat-pump design allows the operator to maintain environmental conditions precisely – the key element in maximizing the retention of terpenes and cannabinoids on-plant. Standard setups in commercial dry rooms typically utilize mounted oscillating fans, which produce turbulent airflow – often resulting in the formation of dead pockets of moisture. These dead pockets often create conditions for microbial growth.

Cann’s sealed-chamber environment and special components produce laminar airflow. Laminar airflow allows for the uniform distribution of airflow, which results in gentle, uniform drying across all cannabis in the chamber. Maximum on-plant terpene and cannabinoid retention is possible thanks to the consistency and precision of the environmental conditions.

No matter what method you use for drying (i.e. low-and-slow, 60°F/60%RH, etc.) – there is always some terpene loss. The goal is to maximize on-plant retention through consistent environmental conditions AND capture those terpenes that would otherwise escape and be pumped out of HVAC systems and lost forever.

Cann Drying System’s heat-pump-based, sealed chamber design allows the operator to reclaim those escaped terpenes by capturing the terpene-rich moisture in the air that comes off the flower in the chamber and convert the moisture back into a liquid where it is captured in the dehumidification unit. These high-quality, reclaimed terpenes can then be used later to be incorporated into high-value extract products such as HTFSE vape carts, distillates, sauce, and other extract products.

Yes, absolutely! We understand the need for versatility, and we know that there are varying preferences with every cultivation. For this reason, we offer both tray-loaded, bakery-style rolling carts (typically used for more efficient commercial processes) as well as stainless-steel hanging racks (typically utilized by those growing high-quality flowers).

To learn more about hang drying vs. tray drying, read our blog.

We provide standard operating procedures on how to properly trim and load our standard tray racks as well as our hanging racks. Our standard tray racking system is capable of supporting a maximum of 2 – 2.5 wet-trimmed pounds of product per tray (for a total of 40-50lbs per 20-tray rolling cart). Our standard hanging racks are capable of holding nominally 100-120 lbs per rolling hang rack. Accordingly, our hanging racks measure approximately the same as two rolling tray racks, so each chamber can hold half as many hanging racks as tray racks.

To learn more about hanging racks and tray drying racks, read our blog.

Our entire line of CDS chamber systems and our existing room installs are controllable by the graphical user interface or remotely accessed via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Our customers are also able to create and store custom drying recipes for each strain/cultivar in order to achieve consistent and repeatable results. Whether using the touch screen controls or accessing remotely, operators can access real-time data about their product throughout the drying & curing process anywhere in the world.

All our machines and sourced 3rd party ancillary components are designed to food-grade standards. We have completed a GMP design and safety risk assessment by a 3rd party auditor and were deemed suitable for operation in a cGMP environment. Our equipment undergoes thorough production inspection & testing acceptance procedures as well as inspection prior to shipment.

You will also receive cleaning SOPs, component & spare parts lists, tooling lists, and complete user manuals with maintenance troubleshooting, installation guides, and much more. A Cann installation supervisor will also go through a thorough on-site training, ensuring that a member of your on-site team is well-versed in proper procedures for installation as well as receive maintenance and operational training for all controls and equipment.

Yes. For those that do not have the space to install a complete insulated chamber, Cann can also provide all of our custom components to retrofit an existing dry room. These components include the dehumidification system, laminar airflow components, controls & sensors, tray/hanging rack systems, and more – all to emulate the conditions of our chamber system as best as possible.

Check out a case study from one of our successful existing dry room installs!