How to Avoid Trichome Loss in Cannabis

It may be summer, but the cannabis industry is focused on “frost” year-round. That beautiful frost you see on cannabis plants are the trichomes, the sticky glandular mushroom-shaped heads that house both the cannabinoid and terpene contents of the flower. The word ‘trichome’ comes from the Greek word for ‘hair,’ and these little ‘hairs’ protect your plant’s terpenes and overall plant integrity. 

While many plants have trichomes, not all plants retain their trichomes through the process of preparing cannabis for consumption. While every plant grows trichomes, these ‘plant hairs’ are fragile and are often lost naturally as the plant is handled. 

One of the biggest causes of trichome degradation is excessive handling of the product before and after the drying process. Every time the plant is handled, these delicate trichomes are susceptible to falling off and thus allowing the product quality to deteriorate. At each step of the process – hanging, pulling down, trimming, curing- at any point, the more hands touching the product, the fewer trichomes will end up on the flower in the end. 

While some loss is inevitable, Cann’s Auto-Cure feature can keep hands to themselves and off of the plant to keep trichomes in place. We offer an optional exhaust damper/fan system that converts our sealed drying chambers into a climate-controlled curing box. This keeps the dry cycle and cure cycle completely hands off and therefore retains the quality of the cannabis further than any other method. 

Additionally, our chambers are built only to utilize even gentle airflow to not further disrupt trichome retention. Many drying methods use turbulent airflow, which creates spaces of dead air and can unevenly overly dry or damage flower. The laminar airflow utilized in all Cann chambers provides an even airflow, retaining all the natural botanical qualities of the cannabis and prevents contaminants or bacteria from forming during such a vulnerable stage. This even, precise airflow is finely tuned via heat pumps– an energy-efficient method of accurately controlling humidity and temperature in both the drying and auto-cure cycle.

Learn more about how our Auto-Cure feature works right here, or connect with our team to ask us questions and learn more about ways we found to preserve your plant throughout the processing cycle.