How to Get Consistent Dry Room Results

Young fresh cut cannabis clones in a legal indoor recreational grow farm


Consistency during all stages of production is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty in the cannabis industry. Facilities that have extremely consistent environments are able to produce high-quality products that drive brand loyalty from consumers continuously. With reliable equipment across the board as well as consistent efforts in each step of the process, brands are able to become reliable cannabis producers in their respective areas. 

 Drying is another aspect of the cannabis production cycle that can benefit greatly from consistency. Cann Drying Systems precisely control temperature, RH, and airflow in an air-tight chamber to provide incredibly precise, reliable cycles. The programmable setting controls allow you to set your exact drying recipe and repeat it every time without worrying about an influx of variable ambient air that could affect drying. This level of environmental control allows you to create consistent, safe, high-quality products with every cycle.

Cann’s temperature and humidity controls are managed by an internal heat pump system. Heat pumps are energy-efficient methods of managing both heating and cooling airflow in both commercial and residential structures. Heat pumps can reduce energy costs and consumption by up to 50%, and due to its precision, it may also reduce dry room dwell time by up to 50% in comparison to other methods. 


The heat pump system works in tandem with the sealed chambers’ laminar airflow– a method of airflow that ensures the even and gentle movement of air throughout the chamber. The gentle airflow ensures that delicate trichomes are retained as much as possible to serve up top-shelf products by the end of the cycle. 

These features and general high-quality, top-shelf-focused machinery come together to deliver reliable results with every single dry cycle. Dry cycles may be adjusted remotely to deliver strain-specific settings to ensure precise top quality and expedited production for incredible results. 

Leveraging Cann’s chambers not only expedites the drying process but also ensures the processed flower is optimized by retaining trichomes, terpenes, and natural cannabis qualities that make the flower envy-inducing. 

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