Drying System 8

Model Details

  • Drying Temperatures: 60°-120° F (15°-49° C)
  • Water Removal Rate: 145 lbs /hr (66 kg /hr)
  • Wet Product Capacity: 7600 lbs (3450 kg)
  • Dry Product Capacity: 1900 lbs (862.5 kg)
  • Power Options: 240/3/60
Perfect for Large Sized Grows

The CDS-145 can remove up to 145 lbs of water per hour and available in a 44 or 138 rack configuration. Perfect for extraction, the 44 rack chamber can dry up to 2,450 lbs (1,100 kg), while the larger 138 rack chamber dries up to 7,600 lbs (3,450 kg) of wet flower per batch.

Precision Controls to Achieve The Best Dry Ever

We provide you with all the tools you need to create the drying climate that’s right for your business. You can choose to dry “low & slow” for a week or speed things up and hit your moisture targets in 1 to 3 days. The energy-efficient CDS-145 system dries gently and won’t compromise cannabinoids or terpenes. Use the touch-screen controls to oversee the drying process in real-time and adjust the climate as needed to meet your goals. Each system can be operated remotely with a tablet, phone, or laptop. Consistency is crucial in the cannabis industry; that is why our controls allow you to store your recipes and achieve the perfect dry over and over again.


  • Complete control over the drying environment
  • Repeatable data for consistent results
  • Energy-efficient heat pump technology
  • Washable food-grade interior
  • Even airflow for uniform drying
  • Optional curing system upgrade
  • Made in the USA

Product Documents

Product Comparison

44 Rack Chamber 138 Rack Chamber
Loading Space
(L x W x H)
24' 4" x 7' 3" x 6' 2"
(7.42M X 2.21M X 1.88M)
52’ 4” X 11’ 0” X 6’ 2”
(15.95M X 3.35M X 1.88M)
Total Footprint
(L x W x H)
25’ 0” X 20’ 0” X 10’ 4”
(7.62M X 6.10M X 3.15M)
53’ 0” X 23’ 4” X 10’ 4”
(16.15M X 7.11M X 3.15M)
Drying Temp 60° F (15° C) - Drying for Flower
90° F (32° C) - Drying for Extraction
60° F (15° C) - Drying for Flower
90° F (32° C) - Drying for Extraction¹
Product Capacity² Wet: 2,200-2,450 lbs (1,000-1,100kg)
Dry: 550-605lbs (250-275kg)
Wet: 6,900-7,600 lbs(3,130-3,450kg)
Dry: 1,725-1,900lbs(782.5-862.5kg)

¹Capacity will be limited on larger chamber size when drying for extraction
²Capacities are for tray drying, range varies slightly depending upon product trim and size