Model Details

  • Dimensions 156" L x 96" W x 110" H
  • Drying Space 975 Sq. Ft.
  • Drying Temperatures 60-120° F
  • Drying Capacity (dried product) 255lbs
  • Water Removal Rate 60lbs / hour

Product Documents

The HDS 60 is Cann Systems’ largest (non-custom) hemp drying systems capable of drying 255 lbs. of hemp (dry) at a time. The 975 sq. ft. chamber accommodates 15 standard racks having 20 standard trays per rack. We offer the HDS 60 as a complete drying system, however, if you plan to use your own chamber, we can provide just the components that you need.


  • System of fans and baffles to create an even airflow and consistent drying.
  • Advanced touch screen controller (remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet)
  • Flexible scheduling software with temperature and moisture controls.
  • 4” insulated chamber walls
  • Stainless steel chamber interior.


Cann Systems' controllers are the best in the industry. Each unit comes with an intuitive touch screen controller programmed with flexible drying scheduling software. Drying schedules can be saved and modified as necessary and remote access is available as long as there is an internet access point.