The Best Dry Ever

Hemp Flower Trials – How Long Does it take for the Best Dry at Different Relative Humidity settings?

Growers aim for the best crop ever, and for us, it’s the best dry of all time. Cannabis technology is always advancing and we need to stay on top of it to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Recently, we’ve had more experience working with medical marijuana customers on research trials, so we decided to conduct our next R&D project on drying hemp. This month, we’re partnering with the New England Hemp Institute to gain more knowledge about drying hemp flower.

NEHI has a large rotary drying system that is ideal for drying hemp biomass, but they’re interested in learning about our technology for drying top-shelf flowers. This quote from the About Us section on their website shows why they’re a good fit for us to team up with, “Research and trial studies direct our growing, processing and infrastructureNEHI will add value to any chain and seeks to harness a competitive advantage by working with the best to create the best product and work with the best companies.”

Cann Systems strives for continuous improvement, and we want to achieve the Best Dry Ever. For the NEHI project, we’re testing for optimal drying conditions (both temperature and relative humidity) to reach the customer’s perfect dry. Our team is comparing analytical results from the dryer trays against a control group dried by a typical DIY hang-drying scenario.  We’re also assessing a new hydration feature. In our next article, we’ll share some details about another upcoming research trial that will be drying medical marijuana.

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