Drying like what most growers would say is probably the last step in growing your own cannabis. If you want you can just simply “hang them up to dry” but to yield a better quality cannabis certain guidelines must be followed.

The drying process is actually a critical step. It should not be done hastily. Nor should it be done just for the sake of doing it. Because it is during this stage that flavor and potency can be enhanced or preserved. However, if done incorrectly it can degrade potency and ruin the flavor entirely.

To start drying/curing growers commonly use two methods.

  1. Often hang the branches of cannabis upside down in a cool, dark and ventilated place. The condition of the storage area should be closely watched. Remember that light, heat, air and plant tissue damage can greatly affect the potency of your buds. The plant then hangs together with potential of contamination of mold, mildew and bugs. characteristics of an optimal drying environment can be achieved with our cutting edge cannabis drying/curing system by Cann Systems equipment.
  2. Another common method – people strip the buds off the stalks. Then wet trim the sugar leaves down to the remaining bud. This allows less potential for mold, mildew and bugs to fester inside the bud- BUT- They then place the bud in hanging racks on top of one another. Again, open to contamination, mildew, mold and bugs.

Both of these methods have the pros and cons but both are hardly effective compared to the new technology of today’s cutting edge cannabis company Cann Systems.

Cann Systems prides itself to be best and has found that the optimal drying/curing can be achieved with our controlled temperature, relative humidity and moisture control environmental settings. Superior to all products in the market!

The Cann Systems Method

Drying/curing cannabis is an art form. If done correctly one will reap the rewards of this labor intensive process of the drying/curing stage. We recommend using one of our Cann Systems drying/curing cannabis system pieces of equipment for starters. Follow the below instructions for the perfect consistent dry/cure every time.

  1. Pull the bud from all the stalks.
  2. Pull off all the fans leaves to where there is mostly just the bud.
  3. Then with trimmers shape the bud and trim off all leaves close to the bud itself.
  4. At this point there should be nothing left but pure buds.
  5. Place all bud evenly throughout each of the trays we provide in the racks.
  6. Place the trays and the rack system into the chamber.
  7. Close the door and set with our CPU display the temperature, relative humidity, moisture and time setting you wish to begin the dry/cure process. All the while our enclosed chamber of air flow system evenly covers all the cannabis buds from the top shelf to the bottom to perfection.
  8. All our units have intuitive touch screen controls with remote access capability.
  9. Our systems are designed to allow fine tuning of moisture content, relative humidity and temperature for the perfect consistent cure every time.
  10. Your dry and cure time should be done in half the traditional time. Therefore, maximum efficiency with cash flows and inventory.
  11. As a result of our perfect environmental conditions this allows the cannabis to be the highest THC and cannabinoids potency, the best smell as well as overall best presentation available. Not to mention no contamination, mold, mildew or bugs.