How are Cann’s systems able to dry in a shortened period of time? Doesn’t that affect terpene and cannabinoid content/quality?

Great question! Our systems eliminate dead pockets of moisture by utilizing laminar airflow components to evenly distribute airflow. Dead pockets of moisture are what cause elongated drying times in industry-standard dry room setups – which require a great deal of manual attention to ensure that all products are dried to a consistent end-moisture content. By drying in a closed-loop chamber – the uniformity and velocity of the air are tightly controlled, allowing for much more efficient and even circulation. The air passes over the cannabis in the chamber in straight parallel layers without intersecting, as compared to the turbulent airflow that traditional oscillating fan environments create in standard dry rooms. Cann’s sealed chamber environment helps create the precise environmental conditions to maximize on-plant terpene and cannabinoid contents.