How does the terpene recapture system work?

The CDS systems’ terpene collection ability is an added bonus for our customers focused on high-quality flower production. Consistency of environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, and even distribution of airflow) is the main concern of cultivators who are trying to achieve consistent end-product quality.

Other cannabis operators who are focused on process efficiency and producing high-quality extract products are able to confidently dry at higher temperatures and lower RH levels knowing that they can collect large amounts of high quality full-spectrum terpenes through the DH system.

One customer featured in a recent case study was able to dry 5000kg of wet cannabis flower (at higher than typical temperatures) in 24-48 hours and collect 1.5 liters of strain-specific full spectrum terpenes from the condensate in the DH unit. They then utilized these terpenes directly into distillate vape pen production and other extract products (i.e. skin care products, edibles, and HTFSE products).